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The Tour of Utah returns to Davis County and the fan favorite Stage 3 start at Antelope Island State Park. Davis County is Utah’s smallest county in land area (two thirds of which is Great Salt Lake) but is the third largest in population. Davis County is one of the first areas settled by early pioneers who arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1847. The lush lake-wetlands, fertile soils of the bench lands, and streams flowing out of the high Wasatch Mountains on the east attracted early settlers who established small farms and close-knit communities. Davis County enjoys a wide mix of people and has moved from a traditional agricultural dependency to an interlocking network of suburban communities around a core of original pioneer towns. Its citizens are part of an economic and social patter that reaches far beyond the County’s geographical limits.

Rich in scenic beauty and natural features, Antelope Island State Park is the perfect place to view the Great Salt Lake. Driving across the 7.2 mile causeway connecting the mainland to the island gives you time to leave the bustle of the Wasatch Front for the natural setting of a protected state park and beautiful vistas. It is the largest of the Great Salt Lake’s nine islands. From the mainland the island appears barren and deserted but it is home to an astonishing variety of flora and fauna native to the Great Basin. It is also a great place to view wildlife including antelope (its namesake), American Bison, deer, bobcats, coyotes, many varieties of birds and waterfowl. Antelope Island State Park is also famous for gorgeous sunsets that seem to melt into the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island State Park also offers a variety of recreational activities with white-sand beaches for sunbathers and picnickers. The Great Salt Lake is several times more salty than the ocean. Because of this, the water is extra buoyant and people float easily on its surface. Hiking, biking and horseback trails lead to scenic points all over the island. A marina serves sailboats, powerboats and kayakers.

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