A few Tour of Utah volunteers

Welcome to the 2020 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah! On behalf of the host city Local Organizing Committees (LOCs), we thank you for your interest and support of this year’s event. The volunteer registration application is centralized on the TOU website but each host city LOC will recruit, train and schedule the local volunteers as needed for their specific stage start and/or finish.


Traveling Course Marshals can no longer register as volunteers and are considered paid staff of the Tour of Utah. For more information, please contact volunteer@tourofutah.com.

Volunteer FAQs

What happens after my application has been submitted?

The Volunteer Manager for each host city will manage the volunteer information and schedules for their respective stages. They will stay in contact with you and provide additional information and next steps. Please contact and work with the individual LOC Volunteer Managers if you have questions specific to that stage and volunteer positions. The Volunteer Managers may re-assign or make adjustments based on the operational needs of each host city but will take your requests and availability into consideration.

When and where are volunteers needed?

Volunteer needs are determined by each host city. The majority of volunteers will be assigned to the start or finish locations. Until your exact shift and assignment is known, please plan to be available for most of the day for the stage that you sign up for. Please note, unless you are assigned as a Traveling Course Marshal, you cannot volunteer at both a start and finish at the same stage unless the course is a loop and the start/finish cities are the same.

Can children/youth volunteer?

The recommended age for volunteers is 18. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult and be able to work independently, but in close proximity to the adult. The name of the accompanying adult must be indicated in the volunteer application and will be responsible for the youth. The volunteer must be mature enough to be aware of their own safety and the safety of others. The youth and accompanying adult may be excluded from specific volunteer positions. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed for youth groups volunteering as part of the Green Team and will be evaluated by each host city.

Are there volunteer opportunities for youth groups?

Specific volunteer needs are determined and managed by each LOC host city. Typically, youth groups such as boy scouts/girl scouts, church and other civic organizations will be recruited as part of the green team. The Green Team helps keep the start and finish areas looking good to ensure our environmental impact is minimal. It is a great opportunity for youth groups to serve their community. There must be one responsible accompanying adult for every five youth.

What are the benefits and expectations of a volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to support your community. For cycling fans, you have the unique opportunity to see the “ins and outs” of a professional cycling event. But, you don’t have to be a fan or know anything about cycling to volunteer. The LOC host cities are looking for people who are hard-working, enthusiastic and friendly. Although not required, we’re confident all of the volunteers who experience the TOU will leave as the sports newest fans.

Volunteers have the option of signing up for more than one shift, but not for the same stage; unless the course is a loop and the start/finish city is the same. Volunteers will be required to be outside and should be prepared for hot summer weather. Many of the conditions require long periods of standing, so please be certain you are capable of the physical requirements.

What volunteer positions are available?

The volunteer positions and numbers needed will vary by stage and location. Generally, the following are needed:

  • Course Marshal: The most needed position on the Tour of Utah: assigned to a designated area along the race course in a start/finish city to serve as a reminder that a race is being contested. The primary role is to be the eyes and ears for local law enforcement and race officials to alert them to any auto or pedestrian traffic which may affect the field of play. Course Marshals are not responsible for any traffic management during the race.
  • Volunteer Check-In: assist the LOC Volunteer Manager with the check-in process, including: set-up, distribute t-shirts, assemble and distribute volunteer gift bags and other support functions as needed.
  • Parking Attendants: help direct traffic and assign accredited vehicles to one of four parking areas: Team/Staff/Media/VIP.
  • Production Load-In/Out: assist the full-time production staff with set-up of all event areas within the footprint, including: transport of materials, assembly of tents, set-up in the Expo, fence wrap and other support functions as needed; will include manual labor tasks.
  • Hospitality: assist with set-up and load-in/load out process; meet and greet VIP guests; provide access control for accredited guests and other support functions as needed.
  • Security: help prevent access to accredited areas (i.e. on course, awards ceremony, finish line, green room and press room) by non-accredited participants.
  • Media: assist the media operations team with office set-up, media check-in, distribute credentials, and serve as a runner; it is recommended, that you have a laptop or tablet to use.
  • Anti-Doping Control: notify and chaperone athletes who have been selected for anti-doping tests immediately following the race; must remain with the athlete until they check-in at the anti-doping control station; trained by the Anti-Doping Control Officer and must be male; needed only in the finish cities.
  • Green Team: support local services to pick-up trash and recyclable items from public and spectator viewing areas; very important to leave host cities and venues clean – group and youth opportunities.
Is volunteer training required?

Each host city LOC will schedule a training session for their volunteers. While participation is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged, even if you have volunteered in the past. The training sessions are specific to the host city but if you are unable to attend the session for your city, you may attend at a different location. If you volunteer for more than one shift/host city, you need to attend only one training at either location. A volunteer handbook will be provided and we encourage all volunteers to review it carefully.

Where do I park?

As parking is limited, we encourage you to carpool to your volunteer positions. Please check with your host city Volunteer Manager for specifics regarding parking at your assigned location.

Bike Valet:

Assist with the set-up and tear-down of the event.

How do I stay up to date with the Tour?

For the latest news and updates we invite you to follow the Tour on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as well as our website. It is a great way to meet other volunteers in your community.

How do I reach the TOU staff?
Please call us at 801.325.7000 or email volunteer@tourofutah.com